Madball Tattoos prides itself in quality Tattoo art and has been in business since 2012 in the city of Carson Ca. Madball Tattoos is fast growing and has gained positive recognition in the Tattoo community and has been featured in Publications for there quality tattoos and ability to handle a wide variety of work , from simple script, to full color tattoos, cover ups, black and white, portraits , tribal tattoos,
Custom and freehand tattoos, touch ups and piercings. The shop is up to code (Ab300) with a modernized Clean and sterile environment .

Shop owner Cyril “Madball” Gomez has been tattooing since 2001, has tattooed nationally and has been active participator in many Tattoo expos and conventions.
Madball has been doing quality art all his life and continues to develop his expertise and skill level everyday excelling client’s expectations, and having a large and growing following in the Tattoo community.

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